Fred Gleeck at NSA for Power Packed Event

"Having Fred Gleeck Speak at Your Chapter Will Have Your Members Wondering Why You Don't Always Have Such High-Content, Profit Producing Speakers at Every Chapter Meeting!"

At a recent chapter event in Virginia I ended up sending them a check for more than $1000. My meeting was a net profit for the chapter. Even after paying my airfare and hotel bills. What did your last speaker cost? If the answer is anything, then you need to think about asking me to come speak.

Background on Me: I love doing chapter meetings because I enjoy giving back. I've heard many horror stories about speakers coming in and making all sorts of demands. This is NOT me. I'm pretty easy. I will also not BREAK THE BANK by expecting you to pay for all kinds of crazy things for me.

Format: The format of my event is lecture followed by questions. I will pack in as much as I possibly can in the time you allow me. I'll also allow as much time as possible for questions. The more time you give me, the easier this will be.

Time Needed: It would be great to have a full day. This way there is plenty of time to deliver the material AND for questions. If not, 3 hours is the minimum to make this really work. I've done it in as little as 90 minutes and I do bootcamps on the topic that go 3 days. Your choice, but I'd do a full day if you could.

Fred's AV Requirements: As opposed to other speakers, I'm pretty basic. A flip chart with plenty of markers that work and an overhead projector (if not too expensive), some blank transparencies and pens of different colors.

Expenses: I will book my own airfare and get YOU the best possible deal I can. I do fly almost exclusively on American, but I always get some amazing deals. After the event, I'll present you with a bill, minus your product sales percentage. In some cases, I may even owe the chapter money!

Hotel: It would be great if you could book me a room wherever we are having the meeting if at all possible. If not, no big deal. Just let me know who and when someone will be by to pick me up. Also, please forward me their cell phone number just in case.

Dinner the Night Before: I'd be delighted to have dinner with you the night before the chapter event. Many chapters I've spoken at like to get the board together to "pick my brain" regarding some of their personal projects. I'll be happy to do this if we can limit it to a couple of hours. This way I can still get some rest before we start the next day. My favorite food is Indian, so if you can find a good restaurant that serves it in your area, I'll be there! Let's try and finish up by 10pm if possible.

Program the Next Day: I normally try to do a "hotseat" day after the chapter meets. This helps make it financially viable for me to do chapter meetings. We can invite all of the chapter members to attend this event at an additional fee. Take a look at: to see how this session works. This day is open to both NSA and non NSA folks in the area. There is limited seating and I promote it well in advance of our meeting. Anyone who attends this event who is a chapter member, I will donate 25% of their fees to the chapter. I limit this event to just 8 people.

Split with Chapter on Product Sales: I do have products that I sell at the meetings. I do it very subtly and after I have delivered a BOATLOAD of content first. No one has ever complained. I will donate 20% of the proceeds I generate from the sales of products at the event. This will help you, as a chapter to defer some of the expense of my being there.

Availability: Since I actually do what I teach (what a concept) my availability is limited. Please give me a few dates for your meetings and I'll be happy to check to see if I have them available. Once you confirm a date it will be set in stone, airfare will be booked and we will be a definite GO.

Which Chapters I'll be Speaking to and When:

In this information-packed session, Fred Gleeck, author of over 14 books will share his own well-tested system for speakers. Being a speaker himself for over 20+ years, Fred's system is one that he not only personally uses himself, but the practical tips and information he teaches is also being used by hundreds of his personal clients. Fred does NOT make the majority of his money selling things to other speakers, he makes it selling information products to a variety of well targeted niches, and YOU can, too! Come and find out the very practical tips that Fred has to offer! This is an event you don't want to miss.

Here's What You'll Learn:

If you want to build a sustainable business as a speaker, then you MUST have a line of products. Fred can teach you EVERYTHING you need to know. Why not come to this session and get going now? If you have already had Fred do an event on info product marketing, why not have him back for his presentation on How to Market and Promote Your Own Seminars and Workshops? This is his best selling book.

(Fred will be selling products and using this "pitch" as a way of teaching some very important principles to the group. With the amount of information he gives and the way in which he presents it, no one will be offended by his sales offering. Please be aware that it is mandatory that he is allowed to do this).